William Duan is a filmmaker & producer

Polyphony of Form
presented at the Festival of Form, Athenaeum Theatre

A mythopoeic meditation of the sublime, Polyphony of Form sets its scene in a post-historical historical landscape of moving form, physical, extraphysical & otherwise. Our Young Scholar (read: Space Cowboy) bears witness to this supersensory play of history and, as it unfolds before him, exclaims – bravo!

Polyphony of Form is ultimately a raw interrogation of a disembodied notion of form - what is form beyond materiality, and can it be re-embodied and expressed through a panoply of media?

dir & prod. William Duan

principal dancer. Sarah Mealor
dancers. Ben Hurley, Claire Leske, Lachlan Hall
space cowboy / young scholar. Simon Wright

librettist. Grace Louey
pd. Eleanora Steiner
lighting technician. Emma Fox
h&mua. Marjorie Antoine
composer & live pianist of act i: thesis. Thias Kamienko
composer & live violoncellist of act ii: antithesis. Anita Quayle
composer & live soundscape artist of act iii: synthesis. Joseph Buchan

pa. Nicholas Sherwood
assistant stylists. Lauren Elise Trend & Amanda 'Panda' Wong
printed matter. Clare Wohlnick


the great redemption

Based in Naarm (Melbourne), Australia